1. Wow, what an incredible run you've had during 2022 and 2023. Any advice for someone who gets spooked and thus has trouble following a plan? March spooked me this year, but oh how I wish I had simply followed your guidance 100%. The thing I have the most trouble with is when trading results in a lower number of shares. At least you beat the strategy of buy and hold so consistently that I need to just follow the instructions. Congrats on all the success this year. Daniel B.

  2. Thanks for the success and here is hoping that you and yours will do even better in the coming years. We really appreciate what you do for our nest egg Sir! Cheers Mates, Michael G.

  3. I can't thank you enough for this service you provide. It has really allowed me to grow my savings exponentially over the past year. All the best, Eric J.

  4. Greetings Dr. Dillon, I started implementing your trades on 5/30/23, and have made 12 trades at an average purchase of $11,177. Including 2 dividends, I made $1218, a 10.90% return. Very respectable, given the market's "wonkiness." Thank you. Jim J.

  5. Dear Bob, Your system is performing so much better than the TSP Allocation Service, since there are no restrictions, like number of trades per month. Thanks, Marty P.

  6. By the way, my mother has used your service and it is helping her retire comfortably. Thank you, Colleen W.