Our System

Our ETF Timing System is open to everyone. You do not have to be a Federal Government employee to use this service. If you are an active or retired Fed Gov employee or military personnel, the system is designed to build capital with funds not related to your TSP retirement savings.

To be a part of this service, all you will need is an online broker account. We use Schwab.com, but there are many others (i.e., E*Trade, Fidelity Investments, Interactive brokers, etc..). You do not need to have a margin account, since we will not have any short sell positions. If we select an ETF that we believe will decline, we will use the inverse ETF for the stock. Therefore, all positions are Buy Long.

ETF Timing is a spin-off of "TSPFundTrading.com." Due to the success of ETF Timing on our parent site "TSPFundTrading.com" we decided to spin-off this service as it own entity and made it available for everyone. Therefore, when you sign up to the service, notice the parent company name "TSPFundTrading.com" at the top of the Order Form.

Merchant Services accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express).

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Once you sign up to this unique service, we will send you our confirmation letter via email, which will include your username and password. Authorization may take up to 24 hours to confirm payment. The email you use will be included in our distribution list. If you would like to have the alerts sent via text message, read below.

If you do not receive our confirmation letter within 24 hours, please contact us through a different email address. Sometimes our emails sent to you may either go to your spam folder or are accidently deleted.

How the "ETF Timing System" Works

We first select an ETF that is technically poised for price appreciation. We issue an ETF Alert via email and/or text message. In the ETF Alert, we will notify our members to Sell the current ETF position and go to a Cash position or use your Cash position and Buy the next ETF. Once the trade is placed, all you need to do is wait for the next ETF Alert. There is only one active ETF at any given time. It doesn't get any easier than this. Here is a ~sample ETF Alert~.

When we have selected an ETF to trade and send out the ETF Alert, this is not to be confused with our TSP Allocation Service (or TSP Alert). The ETF Timing System is a service that is totally separate from the TSP Allocation Service.

If you would like to trade the ETF that we have selected, then you will need to go to your online brokerage account and place the trade. How many shares to purchase is up to you. Like any service that involves stocks, there is risk.

Our Performance

Performance of our ETF Timing System

     — Returns of 2023: The system profited +37.12% vs. +24.23% (Benchmark: S&P 500 Index).

     — Returns of 2022: The system profited +25.36% vs. -19.44% (Benchmark: S&P 500 Index).

View our 2022 & 2023 ETF Timing System Positions and System Results (Excel, PDF).

Receive Text Alerts to our "ETF Timing System"

If you would like to receive text alerts for this system to your phone, please send us via email the correct format (shown below). Also, state in the email this is for the ETF Timing System. You will need your phone number and the name of your carrier. Here are some examples:

Mobile carrierSMS gateway domain
Virgin Mobilenumber@vmobl.com
Metro PCSnumber@mymetropcs.com
Boost Mobilenumber@myboostmobile.com
Republic Wirelessnumber@text.republicwireless.com
Google Fi (Project Fi)number@msg.fi.google.com
U.S. Cellularnumber@email.uscc.net
Consumer Cellularnumber@cingularme.com
Page Plusnumber@vtext.com

If you do not recognize your carrier above, here is a list of Email-To-SMS Addresses:


Another list that you may find useful contains International mobile carrier gateway addresses:


The correct format is: phonenumber@carrier

Once you have found the correct format, contact us at Alerts@ETFTiming.com. In the email, provide us your name, and correct formatted text address, and the service name (ETF Timing System), so that we can add your text number to the ETF Timing System distribution list.


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