System Statistics

Definition of headings in the tables below (each row/line relates to a specific year):

    • No. of Trades – total number of trades
    • Cash – number of hold cash positions
    • No. of Gains – the number of trades that were profitable
    • No. of Loses – the number of trades that were nonprofitable
    • Avg. Trade Gain % – the average percentage gain of the profitable trades
    • Avg Trade Loss % – the average percentage loss of the nonprofitable trades
    • Largest Gain % – the largest percentage profitable trade
    • Largest Loss % – the largest percentage nonprofitable trade
    • Yearly Return % – percentage sum of of all profitable and nonprofitable trades
    • S&P 500 Return % – the percentage gain or loss of the Benchmark S&P 500 Index
    • Performance Compared to the S&P 500 – the percentage difference between our yearly return and the S&P 500's Return

ETF Timing System Statistics.

Our ETF Timing System is designed to build capital through an effective method in all market conditions. The service was founded on the idea that successful growth of capital could be quantified with a rules-based approach, not opinions. Our system presents the simplest and most straight-forward appproach for generating and maximizing your savings.