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Website Privacy Policy:

    Thank you for visiting's website and reviewing our privacy policy. is herein referred to as "ETFTiming." The Exchange Traded Funds are referred to herein as ETFs. We are committed to protecting the privacy of everyone who visits our website. Our privacy policy is that no personal information about you is collected. Any information obtained from our customers are kept confidential, and are not shared with or sold to third parties.

Disclosure Policy:

    ETFTiming is committed to ensuring the security of ETFTiming information and to preventing unauthorized access, modification, use, or disclosure. ETFTiming recognizes that a disclosure policy is an important element of an effective management program and critical to the security of internet-accessible information systems. ETFTiming is publishing a disclosure policy to encourage meaningful collaboration between ETFTiming and its customers.

    The main purpose of the Disclosure Policy is to ensure that required information, other than confidential business information, is disclosed to all personnel (i.e., the public, investors, employees, customers, independent third parties) and other relevant parties in a timely, accurate, complete, understandable, convenient and affordable manner.

    ETFTiming does at times hold positions of ETFs that are described on the site. Only company or personal funds will be used at times to purchase or sell securities of the funds. We attempt to trade the above mentioned stock funds based on our methodology.

Terms & Conditions:

    1) Unauthorized Activities

    All material contained on the ETFTiming web site is the property of ETFTiming and is protected under copyright. No material may be reproduced, duplicated, or redistributed in any form without written permission from ETFTiming, with the exception of downloading or printing a single copy for your personal use.

    2) Transmission of Information

    All emails and any files transmitted from ETFTiming are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure, or distribution is prohibited. If you have received an email in error please notify

    3) Trademark & Copyright Information, LLC, our logo, and other product and service names are Trademarks of, LLC. © 2022 - 2024, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


    ETFTiming obtains information from sources deemed to be reliable. However, ETFTiming does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the information provided. ETFTiming makes no warranties, expressed or implied, as to the fitness of the information for any purpose, or to results obtained by individuals using the information.

    In no event shall ETFTiming be liable for direct, indirect, or incidental damages resulting from the use of the information found on or distributed through this web site. ETFTiming shall be indemnified and held harmless from any actions, claims, proceedings, or liabilities with respect to the information and its use.

    ETFTiming does not make specific trading recommendations or provide individualized market advice. All information provided are only to be construed as opinions and to be used as an information service only. We encourage investors to contact a registered securities representative prior to making any decisions. ETFTiming is not a Registered Investment Advisor or a Broker / Dealer.

    ETFTiming does not warrant that your use of the site will be uninterrupted, error-free, or secure, that defects will be corrected, or that the site or the server(s) on which the site is hosted are free of viruses or other harmful components. You acknowledge that you are responsible for obtaining and maintaining all telephone, computer hardware and other equipment needed to access and use the site, and all charges related thereto. You assume total responsibility and risk for your use of the site and your reliance thereon. No opinion, advice, or statement of ETFTiming, whether made on the site or otherwise, shall create any warranty. Your use of the site and any materials provided through the site are entirely at your own risk.

    Although we attempt to ensure the integrity of the site, we make no guarantees as to the sites' completeness or correctness. In the event that such a situation arises, please contact us at with, if possible, a description of the material to be checked and the location (URL) where such material can be found on the site, as well as information sufficient to enable us to contact you. We will try to address your concerns as soon as reasonably practicable.

Subscriber Agreement:

    You are under no obligation to subscribe at this time, but you must accept the terms set forth before you can proceed. This is for your protection, so please take the time to go over the document.

    ETFTiming provides the service subject to your compliance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. By using any information from our web site, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. And, by subscribing to ETFTiming you indicate your acknowledgment and total acceptance of all of the risks as described in this agreement. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not use the site.

    You must be at least 18 years of age to use the site. If you are younger than 18 years of age, please do not access or use the site.

    1) Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Paid Subscriber

    This Agreement is made between ETFTiming and you, the user and/or member. We reserve the right at any time to: change the terms and conditions of our agreement; change the site, including adding or discontinuing any content, service, or feature of the site; or change any fees or charges for use of the site.

    2) Code of Conduct

    While using the site you agree not to:

    • Restrict or inhibit any other visitor or member from using the site, including, without limitation, by means of "hacking" or "cracking" or defacing any portion of any of the sites;
    • Use the site for any unlawful purpose;
    • Express or imply that any statements you make are endorsed by us, without our prior written consent;
    • Transmit (a) any content or information that is unlawful, fraudulent, threatening, harassing, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene or otherwise objectionable, or infringes on our or any third party's intellectual property or other rights; (b) any trade secret of any third party; or (c) any advertisements, solicitations, chain letters, pyramid schemes, investment opportunities, or other unsolicited commercial communication (except as otherwise expressly permitted by us);
    • Engage in spamming or flooding;
    • Transmit any software or other materials that contain any virus, worm, time bomb, Trojan horse, or other harmful or disruptive component;
    • Modify, adapt, sublicense, translate, sell, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble any portion of the site;
    • Remove any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights notices contained in the site;
    • Frame" or "mirror" any part of the site without our prior written authorization;
    • Use any robot, spider, site search/retrieval application, or other manual or automatic device or process to retrieve, index, "data mine," or in any way reproduce or circumvent the navigational structure or presentation of the site;
    • Harvest or collect information about site visitors or members without their express consent;
    • Permit anyone else to use your Member Login information (username or password); or
    • Permit anyone else whose account or subscription was terminated to use the site through your subscription, username or password.
    • You can not contact us in any way directly or indirectly (i.e., verbally or written) that 'we' interpret as harassment.

    While using the site you agree to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. If any rule of our Code of Conduct is broken or disobeyed, you will be immediately removed from usage of our site. In addition, membership fees will not be refunded, and you will no longer be able to become a member in the future.

    3) Ownership and Restrictions on Use

    The site is owned and operated by ETFTiming in conjunction with others pursuant to contractual arrangements. You may only access and use the materials on the site, and download and/or print out only one copy of any materials on the site, solely for your personal use. You may not reproduce, republish, sell, broadcast, upload, share usernames and passwords, post, transmit, circulate or distribute materials from the site in any manner, without our prior written permission. Modification of the materials or use of the materials for any other purpose is a violation of our copyright and other proprietary rights, and is strictly prohibited. You acknowledge that you do not acquire any ownership rights by using the site. The information we provide to you is only for your personal use and contains privileged and/or confidential information intended only for the use of the addressee. Information and contents of our website or any materials we provide to you may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, photocopied or otherwise distributed in any manner without prior written consent from ETFTiming. If this rule is disobeyed, you will be immediately removed from usage of our web site, membership fees will not be refunded, and you will no longer be able to become a member in the future. In addition, unauthorized individuals attempting to access the restricted areas of our site may be subject to prosecution.

    4) Links to Other Websites

    The site may contain links to other Internet web sites or resources. We neither control nor endorse such other web sites, nor have we reviewed or approved any content that appears on such other web sites. You acknowledge and agree that we shall not be held responsible for the legality, accuracy, or inappropriate nature of any content, advertising, products, services, or information located on or through any other web sites, nor for any loss or damages caused or alleged to have been caused by the use of or reliance on any such content.

    5) Limitation of Liability

    ETFTiming specifically disclaims any liability (whether based in contract, tort, strict liability or otherwise) for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, exemplary, punitive or other damages arising out of or in any way connected with access to or use of the site (even if ETFTiming has been advised of the possibility of such damages). This includes, but not limited to, lost profits or trading losses. Your sole remedy for dissatisfaction with the site and/or content contained within the site is to stop using the site. The sole and exclusive maximum liability to company for all damages, losses, and causes of action (whether in contract, tort (including, without limitation, negligence), or otherwise) shall be the total amount paid to you, if any, to access the site.

    6) Indemnification

    You agree to indemnify, defend and hold us harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, losses, costs (including reasonable attorneys' fees), or other expenses that arise directly or indirectly out of or from (a) your breach of this Agreement, including any violation of the Code of Conduct above; (b) any allegation that any materials that you submit to us or transmit to the site infringe or otherwise violate the copyright, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property or other rights of any third party; and/or (c) your activities in connection with the site or any services related to the site.

    7) Pricing Information

    Current rates for our services may be obtained by e-mail at We reserve the right to change our subscription fees or to institute new fees at any time as provided in this Agreement.

    8) Internet and Transmission Risks

    The use of the Internet to transmit and receive information creates additional risk. ETFTiming cannot be responsible for delay in transmitting the information described on this site in a timely manner resulting from problems with Internet connectivity either by us or you, or by slowdowns of Internet transmittal of information. We are not responsible for policy changes made to our or the recipient's web host server e-mail system. We are also not responsible for delays or interruptions in transmission of information due to man-made or natural causes.

Membership Access & Fees:

    To have access to our site, you must be or become a member. When you register to become a member, you agree to (a) provide accurate, current, and complete information about yourself as prompted by the appropriate registration form, and (b) to maintain and update your information to keep it accurate, current, and complete. You acknowledge that, if any information provided by you is untrue, inaccurate, not current, or incomplete, we reserve the right to terminate this Agreement and your use of the site. Access to and use of password protected and/or secure areas of the site is restricted to authorized members only. Unauthorized individuals attempting to access these areas of the site may be subject to prosecution. You agree not to transfer or resell your use of or access to our site to any third party. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your username and password.

    1) Payment

    Your subscription fee is made payable to ETFTiming. You will be notified through e-mail of any changes to our annual subscription rate. Payment for your subscription is due prior to using our services. You agree to pay all fees and charges incurred in connection with your username and password (including any applicable taxes) at the rates in effect when the charges were incurred. You have 30 days from the date that any discrepancies in your statement or any invoice first appear to notify us; after that time, all charges will be deemed correct. You agree to pay all amounts due upon our demand. In the event we have to collect unpaid amounts you owe us, you will be liable for all attorneys' and collection agency fees.

    2) Access to Members Page

    Your membership fee pays for you to access our members page and for you to receive correspondences through e-mail and/or SMS text messages as set forth by the service you selected. Any and all information presented on our web site only expresses our opinion. Our opinion is not to be construed as any sort of investment advice.

    3) Renewal

    We do not have any auto-renewal subscriptions. We will send you an e-mail notification a few days prior to your annual renewal period as a friendly reminder asking you if you would like to renew your membership. There are no recurring payments. If you choose to renew your membership, procedures will be provided in the e-mail notification.

    4) Cancellation

    You may cancel your annual subscription to ETFTiming at any time. We offer a 100% money back guarantee (full refund) only for the first 48 hours after you have become a member. After the first 48 hours have expired, your membership fees are nonrefundable. We do not offer any pro-rated refunds for the remaining time of your subscription. To cancel, you must contact us via e-mail at, and you must submit your Order Number and the email address you used when you initially became a member. Without an order number or email address, we can not process any refunds, even if you cancel your subscription within the 48 hour grace period. Cancellation will take effect no later than 24 hours after we receive your notification.

    5) Termination

    This Agreement shall remain effective until terminated in accordance with its terms. ETFTiming may terminate this Agreement, and/or your access to and use of the site or any portion thereof, immediately, in the event we determine, in our sole discretion, that you have breached this Agreement.

Risk Disclosure:

    The material provided on our site is for general informational purposes only. The information provided by ETFTiming is based on sources believed to be reliable but is not guaranteed to be accurate. No information on the site is intended as investment advice, as an offer or solicitation of an offer to sell or buy, or as an endorsement, recommendation or sponsorship of any company, security, or fund. Your membership fee only pays for you to access the members page of the service. This page only expresses our opinion. Our opinion is not to be construed as any sort of investment advice. Our opinion may and will be wrong at times due to the inherent limitations of mathematical models.

    The information on the site should not be relied upon for purposes of transacting securities or other investments. We cannot and do not assess or guarantee the suitability or profitability of any particular investment, or the potential value of any investment or informational source. The stock funds mentioned on our site may be unsuitable for investors depending on their specific investment objectives and financial position. You are responsible for your own investment research and decisions, and should seek the advice of a registered securities professional before making any investment. There is a substantial amount of risk in trading stocks.