Our Performance

Our proprietary rules-based system has resulted in an exceptional track record. We measure our performance against the benchmark Standard and Poor's 500 Index. The system is relatively new, but has already achieved an average of 31.24% per year.

Our Performance

Performance of our ETF Timing System

Year 2024 YTD Returns (Updated EOD: 04/23/24): Our returns are +6.08% YTD. The current ETF is up +1.71%, which will be added to our returns upon the next change in signal status. We believe year 2024 will be an exciting and a very profitable year.

     — Year 2023 Returns: The system profited +37.12% YTD vs. +24.23% (Benchmark: S&P 500 Index).

     — Year 2022 Returns: The system profited +25.36% vs. -19.44% (Benchmark: S&P 500 Index).

View our ETF Timing System Positions and System Results (Excel, PDF).

Our ETF Timing System is designed to build capital through an effective method in all market conditions. The service was founded on the idea that successful growth of capital could be quantified with a rules-based approach, not opinions. Our system presents the simplest and most straight-forward appproach for generating and maximizing your savings.