Subscription to Our Service

ETF Timing is a spin-off of "" Due to the success of ETF Timing on our parent site "" we decided to spin-off this service as it own entity and made it available for everyone.

Purchase a subscription through Stripe Payment System. Stripe accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Once you become a member, you will have instant access to the "Member Login" area of the ETF Timing Service.

~or Purchase a subscription through Paypal. The Invoice will show our Business Name: "Impulse Investment Services."

Annual Membership $350 USD

Once you sign up to this unique service, we will send you our confirmation letter via email, which will include your username and password. Authorization may take up to 24 hours to confirm payment. The email you use will be included in our distribution list. If you would like to have the alerts sent via text message, read below.

If you do not receive our confirmation letter within 24 hours, please contact us through a different email address. Sometimes our emails sent to you may either go to your spam folder or are accidently deleted.

As a member, you will receive:

  • Instant access to our Members page. The members page will show the active ETF and the date when the trade was issued.
  • An Email Alert when we release a new ETF to trade.
  • A SMS Text Message when the Email alert is issued.
  • Procedures for adding or changing your Email and/or SMS Text Address.

When you register, please be sure to use the one email address you would like to use throughout the year. Once authorization is approved, within 24 hours you will receive our confirmation response letter via e-mail with your Member Login information.

Request to have SMS Text Messages

You can request to receive the ETF Alerts via SMS text messages. Visit the procedure SMS Text Message for ETF Alerts. Once you have the proper formation, write to us with this information at

In the email, provide your name and email when you registered. We will then add your sms txt address to the ETF Alert distribution list.

Changing Your Email and/or SMS Text Address

You can change your Email and/or SMS Text address by writing to us at In the email, state your old and new e-mail addresses and/or old and new text addresses.


We do not have automatic renewals. A few days prior to when your subscription expires, we will send you a friendly reminder asking if you would like to renew your membership.

Business Location: Bokeelia, FL, U.S. based business